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Why The Type Of Tire You Use Is So Important

There are three types of tires available in the market. They are known either as types of tires or seasonal tires. The three types of tires are: Summer tires, winter tires and all-season tires. The tires are distinguished based on the tread patterns on them.All-season tires:All-season tires, as the name indicates, are the tires suitable for all seasons. If you have all-season tires installed on your vehicles then you need not change the tires depending on the seasonal change. The tire patterns on the all-season tires are complicated when compared with the summer tires because it has been designed such that it can withstand longer winters. Further, the stripes are also more than those in the summer tires and this helps in improving the driving performance and braking, which is due to the maximum edge effect.The tread designs of all-season tires are bound to give excellent all-round traction for all types of road conditions and also provide better tire noise features and tread wear. It is best to fit your vehic...


Go Crusing Around On Bridgestone Tires And See The World

Gripping the road and balancing your vehicle, tires play the most important role of maintaining correct contact between your vehicle and the road.Misalignment, loss of balance, weak and inappropriate tires and your vehicle may be headed towards danger. So before giving the safety of your life and your car to the tire you choose, you must think twice. The market is full of products that will woo you with promotional material and great testimonials. But are they truly good? Only record can stand by a product's claims. When the product is not a mere detergent but something that may compromise your safety if not chosen wisely, then one should be doubly cautious.Tires from Michelin are world renowned. Many users vouch for it. From government organizations to private users, Michelin Tires is trusted by many. Their research and development center is said to be state of the art, constantly innovating and creating tires that have been trusted worldwide. Taking into consideration latest requirements, road conditions an...


How To Save On Fuel Costs By Simply Changing Some Of Your Bad Driving Habits

Of course the most obvious tip to saving on fuel costs is just to not drive at all. Ride a bike, walk, car pool, or if you live in the city take a bus. All of these methods will save you on your gas bill bit for most of us they are also unrealistic so let's look at some more applicable methods and the habits you can change that are a little more practical and will really make a difference.Probably one of the biggest culprits in increased fuel costs is speeding. Studies have shown that every mile per hour over 55 will lessen your fuel economy by one percent. When you think of it this way the cost of driving 75 as opposed to 55 is twenty percent more so speeding can cost you as much as .10 more per gallon!Another much underused tool that can save you a lot on gas and increase your fuel economy is your cruise control. It is much more economical to keep the same speed than to constantly speed up and slow down and aggressive driving like this can decrease fuel economy by a third on the highway and by as much as fi...


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